Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Viva Las Vegas

 Last week Ryan had a business trip in Las Vegas so naturally I tagged along for a little Sin City fun.  Since it was after all a business trip I took on Vegas solo for the first few days.  I always enjoy taking a mini vacation by myself, I love being able to do the things Ryan wouldn't want to do...you know, like going to the spa!  Which is exactly what I did the first day, and it was uh-mazing.  There's something about spending hours alone in eucalyptus steam rooms, amazing pools and a massage that just makes a girl feel like new.  

no spa day is complete without a cliche spa picture.....judge me hard. 

Once the second day rolled around I decided to explore the strip, enjoy some food and check out the thrill rides on top of the Stratosphere.  And let me just say, I had the best time.  Nothing will wake you up like riding a roller coaster off the edge of the Stratosphere.  

Once the gentleman was done with his business stuff we explored the strip, saw the show "Rock of Ages" (which is a must see) and checked out Freemont Street. 

watching the water show at the Bellagio. 

Gondola rides at the Venetian.  

Photo Op on the Strip. 

Rock of Ages. 

Dinner at the Heart Attack Grill....That burger was 9,982 calories of pure awesome. 

Robert, Ryan and Jack. The three best friends that anyone could have.  (the best impersonators)

We had the best time in Vegas, and an even better time winning some dolla dolla bills, y'all! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Iced Coffee + Coke = Best Drink Ever

 Guys, I'm about to rock your world.  

 A few weeks ago I stopped by a local coffee shop for a little pick me up.  I was looking at the menu and decided to try something new, iced coffee and coke.  Ummm...what?  Those are most definitely two of my favorite things and you're telling me I can get them together?  Get in my mouth. Once my drink came, I instantly fell in love and knew I had to make it at home. 

Here's how I do it:

When I first tried making this, I made the mistake of using a snicker-doodle coffee.  Gross.  You definitely want to avoid any flavored coffees and stick with a more traditional medium roast.  I like to keep cold brew coffee on standby at all times so I just brew my favorite blend, pour it in a growler and throw it in the fridge (once it's cooled of course....I'm sure you knew that though). 

Side note:  If you're making iced coffee and not making coffee ice cubes, then you're missing out.  Pour some coffee in an ice tray and you're golden.

Now pop open a can of coke, pour some into a glass of iced coffee and enjoyFor this part I always measure by taste but it's usually something like equal parts coffee and coke....or something like that.  
Go give this drink a try and tell me it's not your new favorite.  It tastes like coke but has an underlying kick of coffee.  It's refreshing, addicting and totally delicious.  Plus, the extra caffeine gives you a little extra pep in your step.  What's not to love? 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mila's Big Girl Bed Transition

I knew the day would come when we would transition Mila to her toddler bed and I knew that day would come sooner rather than later.  Home-girl loves climbing and jumping on everything.   
 Now, I'm sure you get where I'm going with this, but I'll say it anyway....that day has finally happened.  Last week I put Mila in her crib like normal, she cried for a few minutes like normal, then I hear a loud bang NOT like normal.  I run to her room and see her standing by the door asking to "watch Olaf".  Nothing will give you a heart attack quite like your two year old jumping out of their crib.  

I'm not sure how I thought the transition process would go, but it hasn't been too terrible.  She's still not sure about going to bed so I've been laying in her room until she falls asleep and she's been waking up about once in the night.  I'm sure she'll love her bed in no time, especially once she realizes she can freely get down and play.   


Friday, July 18, 2014

Summertime Fun

Well hello little blog of mine, long time no see.  
Today I wanted to sit down and share a few pictures of our summer, ironically the temps are in the sixties, it feels like fall and I'm burning pumpkin spice candles.  Too much?  

Back to the topic at hand.  
I've always loved summer, and sun, and all things hot (hello, Frozen)  but my goodness.  The heat here in Texas is no joke, so needless to say we haven't spent a ton of time outdoors, but that hasn't stopped us from having fun.  

bringing home our new kitty, Mr.Myagi...she's a girl.

So far we've had the best summer (a little wine makes it that much better) and I can't wait to see what else it has in store. Hopefully more cool temps, but I'm sure that's asking for too much. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Patio Inspiration

The weather here in Texas has been uh-mazing.  You know, the kind of weather that makes you want to stay outside all day.  Our current patio on the other hand, will send you running straight back inside!  Yikes.  I know this problem could be easily fixed by a quick trip to Lowe's, but gosh, I'm so lazy sometimes.  So until then, here are a few of my favorite patio inspirations. 


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mila's Nursery Tour Revisited

Two years ago, we had just finished Mila's nursery.  I had a precious newborn, and it was perfect.  A lot changes in two years, though.  No longer do you need changing pads, rockers or an array of blankets.  No, you need toys and kid friendly furniture.  So it's out with the old, and in with the new.   

Before we get started on Mila's updated nursery, I want to remind you of her old nursery.  

 Like I said, it was perfect for a baby but not so great for a destructive toddler.  Let's face it, lamps and two year olds don't mix. 

 Now for peak inside Mila's updated nursery...



Side note:  Mila picked out her clothes before I took these  pictures.  She has a questionable fashion sense but we're working on it.  I'm just happy she somewhat matches. ;)

Mila just loves her room but she especially loves her pig.  She loves running to her room screaming "wide da pig" over and over.  I love how her room has been able to grow with her.  Over the next few months, we plan on transitioning her to a toddler bed and I'm sure that will be nothing short of a good time!   Do you hear my sarcasm there? 
All joking aside, Mila's room is probably my favorite room of the house and I can't wait to keep updating it for my growing girl.  

Crib Blanket:  Custom from Etsy.
Crib Skirt:  DIY from Pink Seersucker fabric. 
Changing Table:  Refinished and painted with Valspar’s “Storm”.  Tutorial here.
Flower Lamp Shade + Base:  Pottery Barn Kids.
Bird Prints:  Etsy.
Curtains:  Made from Drop Cloth.  Bam.    
Block Letter Press Art: Customized from Etsy.  “I love the shit out of you.”
Chevron Rug:  Urban Outfitters.
Pig Rocker:  Land of Nod
Elephant Seat:  Costco.  Similar here

You can see more of our original nursery here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mila's "Oh TWOdles" Birthday Party

You know that saying. "time flies when you're having fun"?  Well, that is no joke!  My baby girl turns TWO on Saturday...say what!  Last weekend, we celebrated my best girl's big day at her "Oh TWOdles" party. 

Now, the rest of the pictures are (almost) all from my phone.  I'm a horrible mom and didn't check to see if my camera had enough space for more pictures...it didn't.  

I'm beginning to think we're incapable of taking a good family photo. Oh well, at least we're all looking at the camera, right? 

We had such a fun day, but I'm a little glad it's over...I'm just not the party-planning type! Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Mila's special day!