Saturday, December 31, 2011

Little Baby Hill

Baby Hill is well on her way!  She's half way done cooking, and will be showing her beautiful face in early May.  We are beyond excited to be having a happy, healthy baby girl, and feel so blessed.  We will be posting weekly updates about baby Hill, for all of our family and friends to stay up to date!


This week baby girl is the size of a banana, and she weighs 14. ounces.  Her digestive system is now functioning, and her bones continue to strengthen.  She now has full movements, and can kick, twist, suck her thumb, and just be cute!  She also has taste buds, and can hear whats happening in the outside world. 

How far along?  21 weeks.  Only 132 days to go!

Total weight gain?  6 pounds!

Maternity clothes?  One pair of maternity jeans, a few shirts, and my belly band which I would be lost without.

Stretch marks?  So far nothing!  

Movement?  Yes!  It's like a boxing ring in there.

Food Cravings?    Anything Mexican, ceaser salad, Lean Cuisine chicken ceaser pasta bowls, and anything salty.

Symptoms?  Indigestion, heartburn, round ligament pain, forgetfulness (nothing new there), a little bit of swelling.

Looking foward to?  Meeting our litle princess!

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