Monday, January 30, 2012

Nursery Progress

Guess what?! We have finally started the nursery!  Here's a little sneak peek of what's happening in baby Stella's room...enjoy.

The crib (which we love):  Thanks to Muzzie for such a beautiful crib!  (BTW, You're awesome, all of us at love you and think you're great)...Although we have bedding in mind, we need to get a mattress.

The chair:  Ryan and I found this lovely chair at a small antique store.  We LOVE the way it looks with its slip cover!  We plan on converting it into a glider so it becomes a little more baby friendly...And, I would like to add it is one of the most comfortable chairs in history.  Seriously.

The changing table:  Ahhh, the changing table.  Now this is definitely more of a project than we initially realized.  However, we have faith - once finished it will look absolutely wonderful (we're hoping!).  The good news, it's almost the exact same style as our crib!  We're going to paint it, add a marble top (maybe) and use baskets to fill in where the missing drawers were.  Wish us luck!

After many long hours on Pinterest, I think we've decided on how the nursery should look.  Here are a few of my favorite nurseries.

Regardless of what we decide, stay tuned because it's going to look AWESOME!  I will post pictures of the nursery as we're making progress!

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