Tuesday, February 7, 2012

26 Weeks / Nursery progress

How far along?  26 Weeks

Total weight gain:  18+ pounds (all in my belly)

Maternity clothes:  99% maternity clothes...Luckily, maternity clothes are so much cuter than they used to be!

Stretch marks:  I'm still not seeing any (and I search for them every night)

Sleep:  I've been sleeping great!

Movement:  Still tons!  She has started to roll....A LOT!

Food cravings: Well, right now I would kill for a lemon berry slush from Sonic.  I still love anything strawberry but overall I have no cravings.

Symptoms:  A whole lot of back and hip pain!  I still have the occasional heartburn and swelling but aside from that I'm feelin good!

Belly button in or out?  More out than in.

Looking forward to:  Going to Ikea this weekend!  Hopefully we will get some cute stuff for the babies room!


More and more is being done in the nursery!  I am proud to say that the changing table is officially DONE (minus paint)!  I spent most of last night making tissue poms for above the crib!  That was no easy task, but now they are done and just waiting to be put up!  For the past month we've been saying we were going to paint - but never did...Well, we finally chose a color and it WILL go on the walls this weekend!  It feels so good knowing that the nursery is 95% done!  I'll be posting pictures of all the progress very soon! Until then, I will leave you with the adorable tissue poms!


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