Thursday, March 15, 2012

Best Changing Table Ever

I'm sure all of you loyal followers remember the antique dresser Ryan and I found a couple of months ago.  It was rough and needed much more work than we had originally thought.  But, good news, it's DONE!

To those of you who don't remember, this is what we started with:

It. Was. Rough.  There was SOOO much to do for this to become the best changing table ever.  Enough intro, here's what we did.  First, Ryan sanded down everything and filled in the holes, cracks, etc..  Then, he sanded some more.  And more...And more.

Next, the sides were too messed up to salvage so they needed to be replaced.  Ryan cut 1/4 inch plywood to size and glued/screwed them on.


With the sides on, it was time to tackle the top.  The old top was rotted so we had to add a new one.  Ryan attached 3/4 inch MDF - which he made look original by sanding and rounding corners, etc.

After the top was on, it was time to prime...PRIME TIME (it's French Shawn).   

After the dresser was primed, we let it sit for a week.  I would like to say that we were letting the primer cure.  In actuality, we were just busy...

Next, was my favorite part - PAINT!!

I LOVE the color we picked!  Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Ryan added plywood bases where the drawers were, to hold the baskets. 

 Are you ready for the result? 





  1. Turned out beautiful!!

  2. Thank you! We're really happy with it!

  3. I saw your changing table on pinterest...super cute.

    What color gray did you use?

    Thanks, Natalie

  4. Natalie,

    The paint color is "Storm" by Valspar. Thanks for the kind words!


  5. Wow, super cute transformation!! Can't wait to find a great changing table and decorate my own baby's nursery. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  6. Thank you! :) Decorating for a baby is so much fun!