Saturday, April 14, 2012

36 Weeks

How far along?  36 weeks!  Our little girl is almost here!

Total Weight gain:  Around 25 pounds.  Luckily, it's mostly in my belly. 

Stretch marks:  I have about 3 small ones.  Palmers Tummy Butter = Fail.

Miss anything?  Being able to easily get off the couch, not having to roll out of the bed and breathing!  I can't wait til I can breathe again!

Movement: She gets the hiccups about 5 times a day now!  So sweet!

Symptoms:  SWELLING!  It's crazy how much you can swell!

Labor Signs:    Yes!  I have about 8-9 contractions a day.  I'm ready for the real contractions to start!

Looking forward to:  My doctor's appointment this week...Keep your fingers crossed that I can convince him to induce me at 37 weeks!



The nursery is completely done!  We couldn't be happier with how it turned out and can't wait to share pictures! 

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