Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Felt Ombre Wreath

I was thinking, does it have to be the Holiday Season to have a super awesome wreath on the door?  Hells no.

Wreath time.

Now, I must admit that I got my inspiration from Etsy.  But, the seller wanted too much dough for my blood $50.00 (plus I thought I could do just as awesome).  I made my wreath for about $18.

What you need:

  • Felt  (I used 20 9x12 square sheets.  The cost was $5 total)

  • Foam wreath (I used a 14" wreath)

  • Hot glue (You'll use a lot of it)

Step 1:  Set your foam wreath to the side.  Lay your felt squares out and decide the order of colors.  With this step, you can get as crazy and freaky as your heart desires.

Step 2:  Cut your squares - cut 7 length strips then cut the strips into 4 sections.

Step 3: Cut the felt into triangles.  Once your done cutting, you should have roughly 300 felt triangles.

Step 4:  Get to gluing!  Grab your foam wreath you had set to the side and get to covering it with your felt triangles. I forgot to get a picture of this step.  OOPS!  But, not to worry, this step is easy!  You need to have about 6-7 triangles across (width wise) and about 8-9 rows going length wise.

Gluing takes about 30 minutes and cutting the felt takes about 30 minutes.  Not to bad if ya ask me!

The result.

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