Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest Post: Megan - Table for 3

Hi, I am Megan and I blog at Table for 3!

I am SO excited to be guest posting for Kari! I am the mama to Olivia Adele who I am head over heels OBSESSED with! Olivia just turned 14 months old and is the main topic of my blog! 

Kari asked that I share some advice for new mama's!

Sleep when baby sleeps!! I know it seems silly, but even if it is for 30 minutes, when you are sleep deprived it makes ALL of the difference in the world!! No one is going to care if you have laundry to do, dishes do NEED your rest!

There is NO such thing as taking TOO many pictures!! Babies change SO much. I swear, there have been times I have put Olivia down for a nap and then when she wakes up it is like I have a totally different baby! (well, not REALLY, but you know what I mean!)

Enjoy the little moments! Middle of the night feedings, when baby ONLY wants you, these little moments are time to bond and it DOESN'T last forever!

If you need help, ask!! We may TRY to be super mom but we all need time to ourselves and help! My parents and in-laws don't live close, but when they come to visit they are MORE then happy to take over baby duty for a little bit so I can run errands alone of get away for an hour. 

Take care of your self! This was the HARDEST for me!! Once Olivia came home, all I cared about was her! Once we got into a routine I started getting back into my old routine which made me feel better about myself! I made time to do my hair, do my make up and EVEN my nails!! 

Make time for your spouse! Remember, before baby it was just you two. If you can, try to plan a date, even if it is to go get morning coffee just you two or go catch a movie! It is important to have time alone just you and your significant other!

I hope all of you new mama's out there are enjoying your time with your little ones! It goes by SO fast!!

I hope you will all stop by and say hi!!  Thanks for having me Kari! :)

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  1. GREAT tips - I read these and was nodding at each and every one!