Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Monday

Happy Monday, friends!   Another weekend has come and gone. Overall it was uneventful, but something exciting happened.  I got my first blog award! 

Impressive, huh?  Thanks Kristy for the blog recommendation!  It feels really good to get some love from another blog.   Since my blog was recommended, it only seems suitable to recommend my 5 favorite blogs.

5 Blogs Worth Checking Out:

Oh What a Day Blog:  This blog was started by my sister-in-law, Kate. She has a really cute blog.  If you like pictures of adorable babies, then this blog is for you.  Seriously, you will love the pictures she posts of her beautiful baby boy, Henry.  Definitely a must read.  

South County AZ:  Amanda is an amazing photographer and friend. She took pictures for Mila's first photo shoot (you can see that here).  Amanda writes some awesome posts on how to become a mom with a camera.  So if you love learning about photography, then I highly recommend you go to her blog.  You won't be disappointed.

Becoming the Barrs: I recently found this blog.  It is seriously cute.  Charlene posts some cute d.i.y tutorials and has an adorable Etsy shop.  She is also documenting her pregnancy with cute chalkboard updates.

The Linc Between Us: This is a blog I recently found through Embrace the Camera.  This is such a cute blog.  Marie posts tons of pictures of her adorable family.  You'll love her blog....promise!

Life Treasured:  So technically I'm only supposed to recommend blogs that have 200 followers or less, but this one deserves a recommendation.  Abbey's blog is about her life with TRIPLETS.  She has three beautiful baby girls.  This is definitely a blog worth checking out.


  1. awww thanks so much! you're so sweet!

  2. Aw thanks for recommending my blog! That's awesome :) I absolutely love yours and think your little girl is BEAUTIFUL! Love the pics of her :) Thanks again!