Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thinking like a kid

I often find myself wondering what Mila's life will be like.  What's she gonna be?  Who will she marry?  How many kids will she have?  It's crazy to look at that sweet, little girl and think, "She's gonna be a mommy someday".  Absolutely.Crazy.


I remember being in school as a kid...a young kid, and playing M.A.S.H.  Yes, that stupid little game that decides your fate.  We all know that when you're a kid, you really believe you're going to live in a purple mansion, drive a pink Ferrari and have 20 kids.  Why?  Because you played a game that said so.  Surprisingly, that's not life.  I don't live in a mansion with 20 kids running around.  No, I live in a cute house, with my amazing husband and ONE perfect daughter.  And you wanna know something?  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I love my life.

My whole reason for telling you that is, I love the mentality of kids.  The mentality that they can do anything they want, be whoever they want.  The mentality where the believe they will have 20 kids, and live like Liberace.  It's so sweet and innocent.  I can't wait for the day when Mila comes to me saying she wants to be the president, an astronaut and movie star...all at once.  I can't wait to hear all the adorable things she thinks are possible.  I.can't.wait.

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  1. It is a pity we don't maintain this attitude throughout adulthood. Something to aspire to!