Thursday, October 11, 2012

5 Months of Mila

Mila is five months!

How is that even possible?!  I swear, she keeps getting bigger by the day.

A lot of exciting things have happened over the past month...

Our little angel finally learned to sit up!  She's a bit wobbly, but she'll have it down in no time!  The poor baby is STILL teething like crazy.  I'm so ready for her drool storm to be over.  Oh, and did I mention she's sleeping through the night again?  Thank.God.  Momma was starting to get dark circles from lack of sleep!  So, I guess you could say, this month has definitely been a success.


  1. Hello, Mila looks like an Angel!
    Thank you for noticing my Energy Ring on Etsy.
    A wonderful blog.

    Gosia /

  2. Thank you! I'm absolutely loving the ring. I'm hoping the hubby will get my hint to get it for me :)

  3. Adorable photos!
    Newest follower here:) Found you on Bloggy Moms October 2012 Blog Hop. Come say hi!

  4. Oh my goodness. What a doll!! I am so glad you stopped by my blog. I'm following you back now!

  5. Mila is so adorable ! I just melt when I see these pictures :D
    - newest followers via Aloha bloghop ;)

    xoxo Grace

  6. Thank you, Grace!
    So glad you stopped by :)