Monday, October 15, 2012

A Weekend of Fun

Y'all, weekends are the absolute best.  We always have such a fun time!  And this weekend?  Well, it was no exception.

We spent most of Saturday just enjoying time as a family.  Saturday night on the other hand, was date night!  Sounds fun, right?!  Oh, and the best part?
Pumpkin.Pie.Martini.  Guys, it was to die for.  Once Sunday rolled around, we decided to hit the town for some good ol' fashioned fun!  Instead of boring you with all the little details, I'll just skip to the good part.

We found this cool garden center which we decided to check out.  It was so fun and unique!  Oh, and they had tons of fall flowers and pumpkins! How cool is the iron jack-o-lantern?!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. It sounds like you had a fun weekend! Mila is just precious.

  2. I would love to find a jack-o-lantern like that! Such a fun piece for fall.

  3. What a beautiful family you are! Cute blog, too! =)

    New follower from Aloha Friday...have a super day!


  4. I know! I wish now I would've got one! :)

  5. Thanks, Bethany!
    I'm so glad you stopped by! :)