Thursday, November 8, 2012

Embrace the Camera

Oh, what a week!  I can't tell you how happy I am the week is almost over.  Only working two days turns out to be a lot of fun!  Why two days, you ask?  Strep.  That's why.  Being sick is no fun, but at least I got to spend the time with my favorite girl!  And that?  Well, nothing is better than that.

Moving on.  Since today is Thursday, we're Embracing the Camera...but I'm sure you already knew that.

Can you believe how big she's getting?!  I sure can't.  In two days she'll be 6 months.  SIX.MONTHS.  Gosh, where does time go?  I'll stop now, before I get emotional.

Last but not least....

 One thing you might not know about me is I'm a big fan of baby wearing.  In fact, I love it.  If I can carry Mila, instead of using her stroller, I do.  We have the Infantino Breathe carrier, and I really like it, but it's somewhat bulky.  We  also tried the Baby K'taan, and didn't care for it.  I've been on the hunt for something a little lighter...ya know, a little less bulky.  I've been thinking about a sling, and then it happened.  I got an email with a promo code for a FREE sling from Seven Slings! Who doesn't love free?! It came in the mail yesterday and I'm so excited!  I tried it on and loved it.  It's super easy to work and very durable!  I would definitely recommend checking them out.  I mean it's free so why not give it a shot?  The promo code is "ENBABY".  

What are your thoughts of baby wearing?  Do you have a recommendation for a sling or carrier?

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  1. Oh I love this post and that quote up there, and this whole post. =)


    I just wanted to you to know how incredibly sweet it was to have you at An Aloha Affair last week. I hope you'll join me and our team of beautiful bloggers this week for an even bigger affair. I'll save a spot just for you...


  2. Such sweet pictures!! My little girl just turned 6 months and I am with you... the time goes by much too fast! I love babywearing too :) new follower of your blog!

  3. thank so much for linking up with us at an aloha affair! so happy to have you. have a great week-end!

  4. Thanks, Jen! People always say they grow up so fast, but then once you actually witness it, it's mind blowing!

    Thanks for stopping by! :)