Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing In The New Year


It's crazy to think 2012 has come and gone.  Out of all my years, this one has been the best...hands down.   A lot has taken place over the past year.  In's been a life changing year.  The event worth mentioning most?  Becoming a mommy.Mila-596=proofIt's been the best experience.  A rewarding experience.  Is there anything that could top that?  I think not.

Now for the obligatory resolutions...218424650649191051_7yzqfRkm_c

The first one is going to be cliché, but I've got to do it.  Get in shape.  We're going on a trip in the near future, and the way I'm looking right now?  Well, nobody wants to see that in a swimsuit.

Get out more.  This one should be simple.  However, with a baby?  It's not.  We live in such a fun area though, I think it's time to get out and explore.

Become a better blogger.  This one speaks for itself.  I love my blog and all my followers, but I want my blog to be more personal...deeper.  It needs to reflect me more.  I'm hoping this year I'll get it where I want it.  One can hope, right?

Learn to cook.  I mean really cook.  I want to be like Bobby Flay up in here.

So that's it.  Those are my goals for 2013, I'm sure I'll add more to the list, but for now?  That's it!

My word for 2013...

I've never had a "word" before.  But when Casey did a post about her word for the new year, I fell in love with the idea.

So after a lot of thinking I've come up with my word....kindness. 

It's a simple word, and everyone deserves a little kindness.  They deserve to feel loved and appreciated.

Kindness to the strangers I don't know.  They deserve to be shown kindness, instead of judgement.

Life's to short to be anything other than kind.

So that's my word!

Do you have a word for the new year?  What are some of your resolutions??

Cheers to a Happy New Year!



  1. Great resolutions! Happy new year :)

  2. Your baby is so darling and I love her name! Congrats! Also really like your word choice for 2013.
    Found you through the hop and am your newest follower,

  3. Hi there! Nice to meet you! I'm following you on FB amd Pinterest and found you on Oh So Amelia!

  4. I think it's great to have a "word" of the year to keep you focused! Good luck with all of your goals for the new year!

  5. Thanks so much, Jamie! I'm so glad you dropped by!

  6. Thanks, Lisa! This is the first year I've ever had a "word", so I'm hoping it helps! :) Thanks for stopping by!