Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Weekend In Pictures

 Happy Monday, friends!  Last week was one, giant shit storm....literally.   After having a fun weekend, Mila started the week off with a nasty tummy bug.  It was NASTY.  But 24 hours and 17 loads of laundry later, Mila was back to her spunky self.  Then Saturday hit.  Mila was sick AGAIN.  This time with a double ear infection.  Seriously, the poor kid couldn't catch a break this week

Needless to say, this weekend was a boring one at home.  Last weekend, however, was UH-MAZING. Here's a little recap.

We kicked off our weekend by heading out for an amazing breakfast at my new favorite cafe.  Not only does it feel like your in New Orleans, but the food was the shit.  I seriously couldn't stuff my face fast enough.

Sunday was my favorite kind of fall day.  It was filled with walks, football and of course, Oktoberfest beer.  If you haven't tried Brooklyn Brewery's Oktoberfest, you are seriously missing out.   

  promise she wears shoes, she just kicks them off.
Since the fun never stops with us, we decided to make a three day weekend.  On Monday, we took Mila to the Texas State Fair.    We had such a great time.  I mean, there was FRIED PUMPKIN PIE!  Not to mention, cake balls as big as my head.  I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in carbs.
 Essie Smokin Hot & Set in Stone.  

This has nothing to do with our weekend, but I'm seriously obsessed with matte nails and glitter.  I found this matte top-coat at Target for only $2 and absolutely love it!  Go scoop it up ASAP...I
promise you'll thank me.


  1. Such a sweet blog!
    I'm glad I discovered it- my toddler girl and I are loving the black nail polish right now, too :)

  2. so much can relate ! my little girl first had the stomache bug, then we had it all and then the flue, makes one appreciate the good days so much more! and those days looked like a real fun! and I also totally love your nail colors! hope you are better real soon, stopping by "our weekend" link up, many greetings, noni

    1. Thank you :) It really does make you appreciate the good days more. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. What are weekends for if not to eat your weight in carbs, right??

  4. I'm pretty sure your the cutest mama out there! xo

    1. Seriously, your comment just made my day! You are to sweet!