Thursday, March 27, 2014

D.I.Y. Terrariums

I've always had a love affair with succulents.  Not only do they look bad ass, but they're almost impossible to kill.  Which is great because I'm a perpetual plant killer.  Since I love succulents so much, I'm sure you can imagine my love for terrariums.  Ryan on the other hand didn't want any more dead plants around the house. Seriously?  After a little convincing, Ryan gave in and agreed to my terrariums.  We found the glass canisters at TJ MAXX and Target.  Isn't that where all great things come from?

Lets get started.
I know there are a million and one tutorials online for terrariums, but they're all so different and I didn't like the ones I found.  So I decided to add my tutorial to the can never have to many, right?

 assorted glass canisters
potting soil
stones or pebbles 

First, decide how you want to arrange your succulents.  I didn't do that, so it was much harder than necessary.  Oh well, ya live and learn.

Starting at the bottom, add a thin layer of rock, but don't be shy.  You want good drainage.  Next, add a layer of moss, followed by a good amount of soil...but leave enough room for your succulents.  Once you have your succulents planted, cover with soil.  Now you're ready for the final step...another layer of moss.  This part is totally optional, but I think it adds a nice touch. 

 The trick with terrariums (for me at least) is patience.  You want to add small handfuls to the center of the canisters.  If you don't, you'll have a hot mess on your hands. 

 Remember, succulents grow in the dessert so they need very little water.  I usually water them once every 3-4 weeks unless they start looking dry.  If your terrariums have lids, you need to water them even less...or so Ive been told.  All my succulents are still alive, so I must to be doing something right.  

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