Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Modern Entry Table

 You know that room in your house that's a total pain in the ass to decorate?  Well, that was our entry way.  For the past year, I had no idea what to do with the space.  I tried spicing it up with gallery walls, and cool chairs, but nothing worked.  Every thing felt boring, cheap or just didn't work with our style.  I was over our entryway and read to give up when we came across a gorgeous, teak wood console table.  We decided to pull the trigger and I'm so happy we did.  I love how modern and unique all the lines look.  

How do you handle those hard to decorate spaces?


  1. Very nice, where did you find the table at?

  2. Thank you! We found it at a furniture store in Dallas. Here's the link to their website http://furniturewithasoul.com/store.php?location=dallas

  3. Awesome modern home furniture and I really love a lot.