Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mila's Nursery Tour Revisited

Two years ago, we had just finished Mila's nursery.  I had a precious newborn, and it was perfect.  A lot changes in two years, though.  No longer do you need changing pads, rockers or an array of blankets.  No, you need toys and kid friendly furniture.  So it's out with the old, and in with the new.   

Before we get started on Mila's updated nursery, I want to remind you of her old nursery.  

 Like I said, it was perfect for a baby but not so great for a destructive toddler.  Let's face it, lamps and two year olds don't mix. 

 Now for peak inside Mila's updated nursery...



Side note:  Mila picked out her clothes before I took these  pictures.  She has a questionable fashion sense but we're working on it.  I'm just happy she somewhat matches. ;)

Mila just loves her room but she especially loves her pig.  She loves running to her room screaming "wide da pig" over and over.  I love how her room has been able to grow with her.  Over the next few months, we plan on transitioning her to a toddler bed and I'm sure that will be nothing short of a good time!   Do you hear my sarcasm there? 
All joking aside, Mila's room is probably my favorite room of the house and I can't wait to keep updating it for my growing girl.  

Crib Blanket:  Custom from Etsy.
Crib Skirt:  DIY from Pink Seersucker fabric. 
Changing Table:  Refinished and painted with Valspar’s “Storm”.  Tutorial here.
Flower Lamp Shade + Base:  Pottery Barn Kids.
Bird Prints:  Etsy.
Curtains:  Made from Drop Cloth.  Bam.    
Block Letter Press Art: Customized from Etsy.  “I love the shit out of you.”
Chevron Rug:  Urban Outfitters.
Pig Rocker:  Land of Nod
Elephant Seat:  Costco.  Similar here

You can see more of our original nursery here.


  1. The new room is so cute!

  2. Love love love! What a great way to update a nursery for a little lady. The vanity is perfect and the pig rocker cracks me up. I also love the lamp shade and the Etsy print - I want both of those for Mim's room!!