Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Viva Las Vegas

 Last week Ryan had a business trip in Las Vegas so naturally I tagged along for a little Sin City fun.  Since it was after all a business trip I took on Vegas solo for the first few days.  I always enjoy taking a mini vacation by myself, I love being able to do the things Ryan wouldn't want to do...you know, like going to the spa!  Which is exactly what I did the first day, and it was uh-mazing.  There's something about spending hours alone in eucalyptus steam rooms, amazing pools and a massage that just makes a girl feel like new.  

no spa day is complete without a cliche spa picture.....judge me hard. 

Once the second day rolled around I decided to explore the strip, enjoy some food and check out the thrill rides on top of the Stratosphere.  And let me just say, I had the best time.  Nothing will wake you up like riding a roller coaster off the edge of the Stratosphere.  

Once the gentleman was done with his business stuff we explored the strip, saw the show "Rock of Ages" (which is a must see) and checked out Freemont Street. 

watching the water show at the Bellagio. 

Gondola rides at the Venetian.  

Photo Op on the Strip. 

Rock of Ages. 

Dinner at the Heart Attack Grill....That burger was 9,982 calories of pure awesome. 

Robert, Ryan and Jack. The three best friends that anyone could have.  (the best impersonators)

We had the best time in Vegas, and an even better time winning some dolla dolla bills, y'all! 

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