Friday, September 18, 2015

Miles One Month

Miles is a whole ONE MONTH old and it makes me wonder where time has gone! I'm in awe of how quickly his first month of life flew by, honestly though,  I swear it goes even faster when it's your last baby!  
This little guy is such a sweet baby and couldn't be any easier!  hallelujah!  He's been sleeping almost through the night since the day he was born, he's an amazing eater and never cries....ever!  We definitely hit the baby jackpot with this one.  

A few of Miles favorite things include holding his head up like a champ, trying to roll over, playing with his big sister, endless amounts of snuggles and of course, boobies! 
Some things he doesn't like include diaper changes and bath time.  But really, I can't blame him. Those things are no fun!

The transition from one to two kids has been a walk in the park!  Which is so nice because I definitely thought it would be a little challenging..especially since Mila has such a strong personality! Thankfully she's taken on her new role as big sister better than I could have ever imagined!  

And now dinner awaits, so it's time to shut this down.  
Happy Weekend!

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