Thursday, January 21, 2016

Miles 5 months

Well, this little guy is already five months old.  How did that even happen?!  I haven't done any type of update on M.J. since three months, so I decided to share some stats today....ya know, since he doesn't have a baby book.  #momfail

AGE:  5 months
STATS:  18.4 pounds and 27.5 inches
NICKNAMES: M.J., monkey, chunky monkey, snuggle bug and love buns.

MILESTONES:  Rolling over, laughing hysterically and trying so hard to crawl.  Slow down big man.
FAVORITE THINGS: Boobies, of course! Miles loves his jumper, his JOOVY walker, tummy time, playing with his big sister, being outside, being tickled, and bath time.
LEAST FAVORITE THINGS:  Napping anywhere other than my chest.  
NOTEWORTHY: This week at the doctor's, we got the okay to start experimenting with solids. hooray!  I'm crossing my fingers he likes pureed vegetables better than Mila did.  

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